We are specialist in express weekend deliveries. Take advantage of our express courier service, just contact us with your requirements, sit back and relax. Your goods will be delivered on time. Courier East London, Essex, and the UK

For parcels, please give us details such as:

  1. Collection postcode
  2. Delivery postcode
  3. Weight in kg
  4. Length in cm
  5. Width in cm
  6. Height in cm

For pallets, please find the guide below, as well as: 

  1. Collection postcode
  2. Delivery postcode

For anything different than these sizes, please contact us

Quarter Pallet Max 250kg

Half Pallet Max 500kg

Full Pallet Max 1200kg

Oversized Quarter Pallet Max 500kg

Oversized Half pallet Max 1000kg

Oversized Full Pallet Max 1200kg